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Welcome to Hair Solutions of Long Island

Your Trusted Partner in Hair Care and Restoration

At Hair Solutions of Long Island, we understand that your hair is an integral part of your identity and confidence. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and effective solutions for all your hair care needs. Whether you are experiencing thinning hair, looking for the latest in hair restoration treatments, or simply seeking professional advice on maintaining healthy hair, we are here to help.
Our team of experienced specialists is committed to offering personalized care and state-of-the-art treatments tailored to your unique hair profile. From innovative hair growth therapies to bespoke hair care products, our mission is to ensure that every client leaves our clinic feeling confident and satisfied with their hair’s health and appearance.
Explore our website to learn more about our services, read success stories from our clients, and discover how Hair Solutions of Long Island can transform your hair care journey. Your path to luscious, healthy hair starts here!


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Multiple non surgical solutions

Non surgical hair restoration

Non-surgical hair restoration, as offered by Hair Solutions of Long Island, is a set of treatments and procedures designed to address hair loss without the need for surgical intervention. These methods are popular for those seeking solutions to thinning hair or baldness but want to avoid the complexities and recovery time associated with surgery.

Hair Solution Long Island

hair loss prevention services

At Hair Solutions of Long Island, we believe that the best approach to hair loss is a proactive one. Our comprehensive hair loss prevention services are designed to help you maintain the health and vitality of your hair before significant hair loss occurs.

Hair Loss Solution for women



With over 20 years experience, we have the experience to address every type of female hair loss. Our professional staff will help you identify the best approach and answer all your questions. Schedule your private, complimentary hair loss evaluation today and see how easy it is to be yourself again!

Hair Solution Long Island

Hair Replacement

Our custom hair replacement solutions for women are virtually invisible to the sight and to the touch. Now you can have the hair you’ve always wanted and live life without restrictions.

Hair Loss Solution for women

Stopping Female Hair Loss

Hair Solutions of Long Island’s advanced multi-therapeutic laser hair loss treatment programs bring together the latest in proven technology and products to treat and stop hair loss in women.

Hair loss solutions in long island

Gorgeous Hair Extensions

Now you can have the hair of your dreams with gorgeous length, amazing volume, and limitless styling options. All with our exclusive non-damaging application techniques.

hair solutions long island

Hair & Scalp Therapy

When is the right time to think about hair loss prevention? Proactively addressing scalp ailments and conditions can help you preserve your hair longer and keep it healthier.


Lasers for Hair Regrowth

The Capillus laser caps now feature the all new flexible fitting design that offers a more comfortable, adaptable fit. The redesign of the FDA Cleared laser cap by Capillus is the next generation treatment for hair loss.