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About Us

About Hair Systems Long Island

The first step in creating a personalized hair system is a consultation, which includes facts about lifestyle and personal preferences on hair styles. The client\’s own hair color and texture is carefully measured. Our hair professionals then add matching human hair to a client\’s existing hair.

For Women

Hair loss for women is much more common than we are led to believe. That is why Hair Systems of Long Island offers a simple, affordable, non-surgical hair replacement system just for women. We call it the Graduated Enhancement. The Graduated Enhancement is not a wig. It is not a hair extension. It works with your existing hair to create a full natural-looking head of hair.

You can wear whatever hairstyle you want. You can do all the things that are only possible with a full, beautiful head of hair. And it\’s right here, at Hair Systems of Long Island.

Our Employees

We have a talented staff that wants to do what you need to live better. Our Management Staff is here to help you decide which solution is best for you.